floor lamp hive

As a follower of trends and without forgetting the influence of design classic icons of last mid-century, simple lines and forms appear quite instinctively to become lighting projects...

A first collaboration with craftsman Mathieu Levy from 'ATELIER 13DOUZE' in Paris gave materialization of the floor lamp 'Hive'.
With a fragile silhouette like a dandelion and wood patterns that could suggest an oriental-contemporary moucharabieh, the 'Hive lamp' mixes genres and will bring soothing simplicity and a warmly lit atmosphere to your interior. Available with a white wire frame, or in all-matt black, each model is handcrafted in Paris or Berlin.
Materials : steel, birch plywood and fabric cable. Sold with a dimmer.
Dimensions : 137 H x 55 L centimeters

Price and delivery timing on demand.

For more information please contact us : homewerkberlin@icloud.com

(Always looking for new partnerships, any cooperation with craftsmenships or manufacturers is very much welcomed !)

Photos : Nadja Wehling

Some pictures of the foambaord mock-up in the studio and the production in Atelier 13Douze.

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