chandelier 'STROGOFF'

In july 2015 Studio Homewerk started a partnership with two interior decorators, Lionel and Delphine of 'Finelio'. They specialize in interior decoration of restaurants, cafes, bars and private apartments.

For this first project, they asked me to think about a big chandelier that would capture the attention of passersby and would form part of the identity of the place. The 'Strogoff' restaurant's goal was to specialize in traditional Mongolian tartare dishes. I decided to create something tied in with Tatar way of life, but not at a first glance. My first intention was to create a big, sculptural piece with a surprise, not to mention the role of light in the space and the kind of vibe/atmosphere the chandelier light would bring.  The answer to all that was a design inspired by the shape of the structure of a 'Yourte' (a Mongolian tent)  but reinterpreted in a very graphic way and with quality materials such as brass, interwoven with electric cables and light bulbs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Thanks to 'ATELIER 13Douze' for the great production.

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