The german cosmetic brand BABOR asked us to work on first round new concepts for their stores and instituts.

We brought modularity by creating several modules of furniture that could be used in different types and sizes of spaces. We succeded in creating a design that brings some logical continuity and in the same time something new to the last new BABOR flagship store look already installed in Berlin Mitte.

A holistic approach brought us to create 3 recognizable areas on the groundfloor :

  • a community & experiencing area for the skincare products. Equiped with a big digital screen (social media link, product infos & stories, online shop consultation…)

  • a ‘hotspot’ area to create a focus on the Best Seller Ampoules from BABOR.

  • a makeup area with the BABOR general display.

Dedicated to the treatment cabins, the first floor has a different approach, and at the same time an aesthetic connection to the groundfloor.

Community table / product testing and consultation. Ground floor

Small waiting area + cash desk. Groundfloor.

Makeup area. Wall + counter + general testing display.

The façade window. View from outside. Goundfloor

Product wall. Groundfloor

Product wall. Groundfloor

Ampoules bar. With big digital screens. Groundfloor.

Healthy bar in front of the waiting area. First floor.

Waiting area. First floor.

Nail area. First floor.

mood boards to present the concept at a first step

design intentions / materials & forms

thinking digital / experiencing

welcoming & testing / modularity

for the first floor treatment vabins / design intentions / materials & forms